Re: teTeX doesb't work on FC6

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On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:41:24 +0300, Artur G. Sibagatullin wrote:

>> Latex is one crucial piece of software for me, as I'm writing my thesis,
> I'm writing it too :)
>> so I HAVE to have it working. It does work out of the box. Maybe you have
>> some missing packages? This is what I have:
>> tetex-prosper-1.5-3.fc6
>> tetex-xdvi-3.0-32.fc6
>> tetex-dvips-3.0-32.fc6
>> tetex-fonts-3.0-32.fc6
>> tetex-latex-3.0-32.fc6
>> tetex-3.0-32.fc6
> I have no only tetex-prosper. I'm installing it now.
>> Do you have enough space on the disk?
> Yes a lot of. over 20G
>>  Are you running out of memory?
> a lot too 400M free
>>  Is the processor slow? (Although I used latex on a 300MHz pc with 6Gb
>> disk and 64Mb of ram, in the days of yore of RH5.0, and before).
> Intel Pentium 3GHz rather fast I think ...

Prosper is for making presentation slides. I'm not even using it, I use
foils instead, with ppower4 for effects. 

I don't know what to say, it looks like you have space and the right

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