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Andrew Robinson wrote:
I had wireless working well with ndiswrapper on FC4 on my laptop. I installed FC6 on other partitions, made an unsuccessful attempt to configure wireless with BCM43xx. When I rebooted into FC4, wireless had stopped working. I've tried unloading and reloading the module, deleting and reinstalling the driver. Nothing has seemed to work. One thing I find curious and I have illustrated below, I cannot change parameters with iwconfig. Can someone offer insight into what I might have done to screw up my wireless and what I can do to fix it? (The wireless network is working because my wife's PowerBook is working fine.)
Been there done that.

Most common problem is that somehow the radio is turned off now.
Laptops with wireless have a function key, usually a different color. While NOT in X windows (like during boot up) press FN/F2 or whatever function key has the radio icon on it to enable the radio. That key combo is a toggle.
It may also be done when the system is up through the kernel module for
the device, but locations vary depending upon module, and modules
support different things.
Here is the wiki entry for ndiswrapper with this issue:

Check if the card is powered up. If there is an LED to indicate the power to the card, then it is easy to see this. If there is no LED, then there is no way to know for sure whether the card is powered up. Some computers have a special key for powering up, some have a setting in BIOS and some others will have to be powered up by a program in Windows see Tips <> for more information. Until the card is powered up, ndiswrapper will not work. For some cards it is enough to change/add setting in /etc/ndiswrapper/<driver>/.conf files to 1. For example, SMC cards have a setting 'EnableRadio|0' which means radio is off. Change that line to 'EnableRadio|1'. Other cards may have other settings. If DEBUG option is enabled, system log messages show what settings are used by the driver.

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