Re: USB FLASH Drive LED doesn't change

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Tim wrote:
On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 13:34 -0600, Mike McCarty wrote:

simply flashing when the device is being written does not sound
adequate for any system which does disc write caching with write-back
policy rather than write-through, and I know for a fact that MS
Windows after 3.x do that. So I wonder just what use the LED is unless
the software which mounts it has some control over it.

Just eye-candy for the Windows users...

Well, you can plug it and see it light up, so you know you've plugged
into a socket that's connected to something, but that's about all it's
good for.
Are you speaking from knowlege, or from supposition? If the software
does have control over the LED, then that would indeed be useful.

And I don't understand why you lump a whole bunch of people with
various degrees of expertise into a big glob. I know quite a few
very technical "Windows users".

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