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From: "Gene Heskett" <[email protected]>

On Saturday 11 November 2006 10:12, Anne Wilson wrote:
On Saturday 11 November 2006 13:16, Nigel Henry wrote:
Hi Anne. I usually just copy them to my /home/user directory. As long
as you have the awesfx package installed, just run sfxload, or
asfxload as user, putting the soundfont name after it. In my case see

sfxload CT4MGM.SF2

To check if they are loaded ok you can run.

cat /proc/asound/card0/wavetableD1  , changing the card No for yours
if it's different.
I'm having no success at all with this.  I do remember that in kmid
settings I had to try the different midi devices to find the one that
worked, but so far I haven't got any of them working.  I'm also
concerned that it is looking at /usr/share/apps/kmid/maps/, and
wonder if this should be ringing bells for me, but it isn't :-(

You did remark about getting a gm font - could you amplify, please?  I'm
not sure what I'm looking for on the hammersound site.

Also, do I have to do anything more to get kmid to recognise the
soundfonts I do have installed?

I was just playing with kmidi here, and found that I had to configure the
midi path to one of the 4 channels shown under my audigy 400 entry in
that menu. Setting it to the card itself didn't work. What I did was
start a .mid file playing, and then played with the midi menu until it
worked. I had already loaded the CT4MGM.* soundfont file thats on the
audigy cd.
Your config/midi menu will show up differently for the hammerfall card of
course. If it will pass, I've attached a .png of that menu.
For what it is worth the state of MIDI on 'ix is one of the chief
reasons I do not do more of my professional development on an 'ix
operating system. Microsoft MIDI is bad enough. But 'ixish MIDI
is sickening to work with the last times I tried. Good luck.

{o.o}   <- needs MIDI with sub-millisecond accuracy for some things.
       SMF files can't do that. But the software we have can. Even
       millisecond accuracy on ix machines has been "amusing" to
       try to get. Making arpeggios work right is bad enough. But
       MIDI Show Control and MIDI Machine Control sometimes needs
       that 1 ms or finer timing accuracy to make effects work right.

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