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From: "Craig White" <[email protected]>
On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 01:28 +0000, John Bowden wrote:
Can any one give me an estimate of how many people are on this
list. I started reading it about 3 or 4  weeks ago after having
trouble installing FC6 on a second drive. Actually I haven't
installed it yet as my Mandriva file / print server went down
and I had to use the spare space on the machine that was going
to house FC to back up 300Gb+ of personal stuff. The list seems
to have a lot of traffic, which says to me that either a lot of
people use it or FC has a lot of issues. Don't get me wrong I'm
not knocking FC and as soon as I have sorted out some spare
space on the other machine it will get installed as I want to
learn how Red Hat do things and can't afford to splash out for
the commercial version yet.
there are thousands...the exact number I suppose would have to come from
Warren or some other list admin.
Maybe dozens (me not necessarily included) who really have a good
notion of what they're doing here and what they're doing when using
Fedora. Read awhile and you can figure out who is which. (I claim some
knowledge of SpamAssassin itself. And I have a couple interesting
firewall tricks that so far as I know the prepackaged firewall solutions
do not do. Aside from that I mostly defer to people who know more than
I've absorbed over the years since I first installed RedHat 5.0 and
got it working smoothly. (That was in the era in which it was possible
to have 400+ days of straight uptime with something out of RedHat. By
the time of the 2.0.36 kernel the frequency of kernel patches dropped
close to zero. It worked. There was no need to change it. So uptime
could be years, potentially. <sigh> I fondly remember those days.)

{^_^}   Joanne

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