Re: cifs problem: mounting from a smb share problem with 1 share

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Does /var/log/messages say anything after you try a mount to eselshare?

On 11/7/06, Jörn Rink <[email protected] > wrote:
I have updated my system from fc 5 to fc6 via update from dvd,
not a new installation. I have a samba server on fc3 legacy, which
serves 3 directories.

        comment = smbshare
        path = /usr/local/smbshare
        public    = no
        create mask = 765
        writeable = yes
        comment = eselshare
        path = /usr/local/eselshare/esel
        public    = no
        create mask = 765
        writeable = yes
        comment = filmshare
        path = /usr/local/filmshare/share
        public    = no
        create mask = 765
        writeable = yes

I can mount these directories from my xp clients without a problem.
I can mount the directiries from my fc 5 laptop via cifs without a

I can mount 2 directories from fc6, filmshare and smbshare without a
problem, but eselshare gives me a secret:

[[email protected] ~]$ cd /usr/local/
[[email protected] local]$ su -
[[email protected] local]# mount eselshare
[[email protected] local]# ls eselshare/
ls: lese Verzeichnis eselshare/: Das Argument ist ungültig

the filmshare works

here are my fstab entries for mounting:

//fedora/filmshare      /usr/local/filmshare    cifs
0 0
//fedora/eselshare      /usr/local/eselshare    cifs
0 0

I have no idea where i have to search, can i switch on some dbg level?
or is it possible that 1 especially windows file can cause this problem
on the share?

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