Creation of DVD movie under fedora from jpegs & asf video

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That wonderful time of year is coming up - Christmas. The
time when families get together to celebrate each other,
and fight over who gets to take home the leftovers. And so
Anyway, I got the brilliant idea of putting a slide show
together of the past year's pictures, tossing in a few
(very few!) movie clips that are in asf format, get one of
my musical offspring to choose a musical sound track, and
put that at the Christmas festivities. Since I really don't
want to babysit the show, and the gathering site doesn't
have computerized display capability anyway, I figure DVD
is the way to go. Trouble is, after a day of hitting the
web and reading, I've managed to confuse myself.
Has anybody done this type of project with fedora who would
also be willing to share advice and experience?
Thanks in advance

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