Re: vnc problem FC6 - any workaround?

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David G. Miller <dave <at>> writes:

> Sounds like we need the OP to clarify what kind of access he wants.  
> Does he just need a remote desktop or does he need to share the current 
> X session?  My take on both the post that started this thread and the 
> referenced bug was that they only referred to a remote session but I 
> could be wrong.
> Regardless of the answer to the above, it sounds like some functionality 
> (load vnc module and have glx) has been taken away.  If this used to 
> work prior to FC6, it might be worth it to open a bug even if it gets 
> thrown back at you with a WONTFIX.  I upgraded my systems that were 
> running FC4 or FC5 to FC6 so I can't verify that it worked in prior 
> releases of FC.  I just checked on my CentOS 4.4 box (running vncserver 
> to a FC6 vnc-client) and glx isn't available in the vnc session but is 
> available from the console.  This is consistent with what I see with an 
> FC6 vncserver.

The way I use vnc is precisely to help the remote user in sorting out problems
on their machine (so I need a shared X session so both the remote user and I can
see the same desktop) and in particular problems that can only be done on the
desktop itself - such as changing menus or taskbars etc or settings in KDE. This
always used to work in FC5 and earlier.

I have already entered a BZ for this - at

and also there is possibly a related bug at

I don't need glx for the purpose of this kind of vnc session but once I have
disconnected from the remote machine then the user on that machine would not
have access to glx unless I rebooted without the vnc module loaded in FC6 - this
is a reversion which presumably has crept in with the automatic enabling of DRI
in FC6?  Therefore we have gained something with the new 3-d stuff but lost
somthing along the way for an important tool (vnc).

This really does need to be fixed and hopefully sooner rather than later.


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