[FC6, Install Issues] Incorrect drive order in Anaconda

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I recently install Fedora Core 6 on my desktop (Watson) I had intended
to write up a review style report...but I got distracted and just
enjoyed the whole installation process (I may have ADHD). So seeing as
there only six (6) issues in my notes. I'll release them on to the
list - a thread per issue. I apologize if anyone sees this as spam.

[FC6, Install Issues] Incorrect drive order in Anaconda

I haven't noticed any other threads about this yet, so I will go ahead
and report it here. During pre-install (when it came time to do
partitioning) I noticed that Anaconda have gotten my hard drive order
wrong. Fedora Core 5 (still on the machine at the time) had had and
still had the order of my drives wrong, but I aborted the install just
to go back to the BIOS and verify order since my BIOS allows me to
specifiy order.

Anaconda didn't have my drives in any particular (logical) order,
where as my BIOS (and FC5 did). I checked irc://freenode/fedora and
was told that this shouldn't be an issue. So I went along with
installation (successfully).

On first boot however, grub did _not_ have it's background image and
both boot targets failed: My new Fedora Core 6 and a Windows install I
keep around just in case. Apperently, Anaconda was the only thing that
saw my drives in the order that it did.

The actually fix was simple - since I new what to do - I just edited
the grub lines, changing the target. Booted up, then edited grub.conf
accordingly. I seem to remember Anaconda or Grub getting my boot
target wrong for my Windows install last time I install FC5.

This may be a serious issue for someone who didn't know how to do this.


Fedora Core 6 and proud

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