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On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 23:10 +0530, Niklaus wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have access to a remote linux machine. I have a root account on it.
>  I need to know whether the installed RAM is SDRAM or DDRAM.
> Unfortunately i will be going to the site next month when i have to
> upgrade the machine with  more capacity. Few of them are hardware
> related but if you know the answer please help me.
> 1) How do i find out when the machine is online , if it is SDRAM or
> DDRAM. I tried dmidecode utility but i was not sure about the type.
> Can someone help me out by pasting the output for both DDR and SDRAM
> in dmidecode or similar.
> 2) Can both SDRAM and DDRAM be present at a time in the same
> motherboard. I mean can i have 256MB of SDRAM chip and a 256 MB of
> DDRAM on the same motherboard.


> If yes what are the conditions.

In new(er) boards lm_sensors might have the information.
Try running sensors-detect (as root)

> 3) Is a motherboard designed for only one type of RAM , like if we
> remove all the SDRAMs can we put DDR in it or it is either designed
> for DDR or SDRAM.

Each motherboard (or even CPU) is designed for a certain memory type.
You cannot add DDR PC3200 to an SDRAM board.
You cannot even add ECC/Registered DDR memory to an unbuffered DDR

> Regards
> Nik

Do you know the machine specs?

- Gilboa

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