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On 11/2/06, Tanguy Eric <[email protected]> wrote:

Could you explain how you use this tool to give highest priority to X
and how yçou can script this to run it on every login.

I have a script in /etc/gdm/PostLogin called Default

There is a sample script in that directory that does nothing.

My script is:

schedtool -R -p 1 -n -3 `pgrep Xorg`

Make sure is is set executable and then log out and log back in.

Also on a side note, I installed Beryl this morning.  It works
wonderfully and is much more configurable than compiz (from which it
is forked)...

If you want to try it save this as /etc/yum.repos.d/beryl.repo

name=Beryl for Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch

But be warned I am having a problem in that if I log out and then log
back in Xorg starts useing about 40% of my CPU and it seems that beryl
is runnnig twice and fighting for control with it's self.

But as I normalay log in once for hours then shut down it's only a
minor issue.

Also you need to start beryl for the first time with fedoras desktop
effects disabled, then place the command beryl-manage in your
session's statup programes (in the prefs/more prefs/session menu)


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