Re: Fedora Core 6 ROCKS ! Salute to the developers !

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On Sun, 2006-10-29 at 23:02, David G. Miller wrote:
> >>
> >All the more reason to use the old timey /usr/local system
> >upgrades won't touch it. Maybe we need to adjust our tinfoil and go
> >retro, the old timers had methodologies that may need revisiting. Ric
> >
> That approach worked a lot better before X.  Something like the change 
> from XFree86 to screws everything up since a lot of users like 
> WIMP interfaces.  Same for any significant change to the GUI.
> It would be nice to see something like:
> 1) Critical system functionality -> gets upgraded.
> 2) Common applications -> upgraded or at least at reasonable stab at it.
> 3) Other stuff -> install new config and save the old as rpmsave.
> The goal would be that a functioning system gets upgraded to the new OS 
> release that, for the most part, works.  That is, everything works but 
> it's possible that some settings are left to the admin/user to bring 
> forward.

It's really time to do something more drastic, like a scripted
Xen and/or VMWare migration where step 1 is to convert your
running system into a virtual machine hosted by your known working
kernel, step two is to update the virtual machine to the new
version while it is isolated from hardware quirks, step 3 is
to install a new kernel on the host (and if this has problems
with your hardware, back out until the updates permit it),
and the optional step 4 is to migrate the virtual server
back up to the real host OS.

Or, convince the kernel developers that changing driver
binary api's and removing header files is a bad idea...

  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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