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On 10/26/06, John Wendel <[email protected]> wrote:
James Dickson wrote:
> Just wait until Oracle has to give back ...What ever great patches they
> write/port/innovate ultimately has to go back to the community...So
> RedHat/Community gets the fruits of Larry's "labor". Larry isn't going
> to like doing that for long.
> So it boils down to will they be good neighbors in the community???
> Well, if their behavior is anything like that in the "proprietary"
> world. We know what kind of street cred they have.

Actually, Oracle is "giving back". They've open sourced a cluster
filesystem that is currently in the process of rolling into the
standard kernel (it may already be in, haven't checked in a while).
Oracle has a bunch of smart employees who will do the right thing
whether Larry likes it or not.
Oracle's "smart employees" are likely not going to be very involved
with this latest initiative.  If its anything like how Oracle supports
their previous legacy products (starting with the DB and working
down), its going to be a bunch of cheap off-shore contract employees
who have a checklist to run through for every support request, and are
basically clueless & useless.

L. Friedman                                    [email protected]

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