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At 4:59 PM +0100 10/26/06, Anne Wilson wrote:
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>I completed the DVD download yesterday and have been seeding since then.
>Azureus, though tells me that the Ratio is bad, at 0.376 (< 0.5).  What does
>this mean?

Well, you may not have uploaded as much as you downloaded.  Most
consumer-grade high-speed connections are much slower up than down.  The
ratio should be constantly improving, though slowly.

I use bittorrent-curses, which shows the ratio and the bytes transferred.
As I restarted bittorrent-curses after the download (changing the
--max_upload_rate from 40 to 60) my ratio is oo (infinite) so I just keep
track of the total bytes up do decide when I've done "enough".
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