Re: What is the consensus on the best partition scheme and size?/Keeping home separate

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Timothy Murphy wrote:
Andy Green wrote:

But on a box like this laptop, what does LVM being on by default really
get you?  I don't use separate partitions for /home and such, for the
single user laptop situation it's not beneficial.
That's an extraordinary view.
There are overwhelming arguments for a separate /home partition,
whether using LVM or not.
To start with, it makes the installation
(whether by clean install or upgrade)
of a new version of Fedora far simpler.
I am not overwhelmed by this "overwhelming argument": I do clean
installs and upgrades just fine with /home in /.
The only thing I miss out on from not having a separate partition for
/home is the hassle of trying to guess how much space I should assign
for it before I know what my usage will look like, and running out of
space pointlessly because of bogus artificial barriers. Or having to
grow (not shrink!) my filesystem with LVM and ext2 tools because I
guessed the proportions wrong.
Like I said in some usage cases it makes sense. On my laptop it makes
no sense to me so I don't do it. But of course if it makes you happier
to have a separate /home then by all means continue to use it.

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