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On 25/10/06, James Wilkinson <[email protected]> wrote:
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> Has anyone been successful in loading madwifi from livna?  What I did
> (unsuccessfully) was I added the livna repo via their meta-rpm:

There seems to be something *seriously* wrong with Livna for FC6 at the
moment.  It's offering packages that also exist in Extras -- which it
says it doesn't do (for example, Audacity). And the mozilla-totem-xine
package seems to have dodgy metadata, which makes yum think it updates
something else either in Core or Extras.

I hate to say this, but I'd recommend disabling Livna until they work
out what's going on.

I know that for Audacity specifically theirs is a 'non-free' version with
mp3 support (Audacity uses lame for export, but the import support
appears to be compiled in, anyway the extras version refuses to
import mp3 even when pointed to the lame .so)


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