Re: FC 5 > FC6 via YUM update

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Today Kevin J. Cummings did spake thusly:

Lonni J Friedman wrote:
On 10/24/06, Jim Douglas <[email protected]> wrote:
Is it possible to upgrade via YUM to FC6 from FC5?
In theory, it should work, but its not a 'supported' upgrade method.
You need to manually upgrade the fedora-release RPM, and then you
should be able to just run 'yum update'.
Actually, you should use the "yum upgrade" command to handle any
packages that have been obsoleted....

I've done it several times successfully upgrading from FC4 to FC5.  I
plan to try again for FC6.
I did it yesterday with minimal hassle on a dual athlon MP box and a dual
Opteron box. Both seem quite happy
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