Re: FC5/KDE3.5 beamer woes

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On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 15:42 +0200, Ernest B. M wrote:
> But OTOH, is there a way to make the system automatically detect the
> projector, set its resolution and work flawlessly (like other OSes do
> it?)

Hmm, other OSs working flawlessly?  Generally, they've all behaved the
same for me:  You switch VDUs on the PC, and the PC carries on producing
video in the same specs as it was doing on the prior one, often out of
range for the one you're wanting to use, now.  At least, with X, you can
usually hotkey switch between a few settings and get a display back
again to try reconfiguring.  Windows usually requires blind rebooting
into safe mode to get a 640x480 resolution, then rebooting to try
another screen mode.  Ugh!

*Sometimes*, when you're configuring graphics on a PC (any OS, any
monitor, any graphics card), the system manages to work out what can be
used on your graphics card and monitor (in combination).  This does
depend on your monitor advertising its abilities (not all do, and by
monitor I mean any Visual Display Unit technology, including a

Occasionally, I've seen Windows notice, during bootup, that you'd
changed the monitor, and it might change display modes.

I think you'd have to go through the X configuration, again, to *try*
and automatically pick a correct setup.  But it's probably sufficient to
change the *screen resolution* of the current user's *preferences*, to
something different (those are Gnome menu titles, KDE probably has
something similar).

(Currently running FC4, but testing FC5, if that's important.)

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