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On Saturday 30 September 2006 19:14, Ric Moore wrote:
> Can they still spoof you though, couldn't they? 

Yes, they can, but they can't sign the message with my key.  If it is from 
this address (and this is the address that gets almost all my spam) and it 
doesn't have a gpg signature, then it's almost certainly not from me.  The 
only times I make exceptions are when I send to automated recipients, such as 
when setting mailing list requirements.

> I wonder if any of my 
> old keys still exist or is there a statute of limitations? 

That would depend on whether you limited the key when you made it.

> How would I 
> check and/or are they assigned to an old email box? Or to me,
> personally? 

I'm not sure how you can check that, if you don't have any info about the keys 
you have used in the past.  Perhaps someone else can help.

> If I don't, how do I get a key?  Ric 
'man gpg' :-)  I googled for and found an excellent tutorial on installing gpg 
and getting it to work with KMail.  I know kmail is not your preferred 
mailer, but the principles would be the same.  I don't have the url, but the 
article was entitled "Using OpenPGP and PGP/MIME with KMail".  There's a fair 
bit of info in the gpg readme files, too.  I have to say that Fedora was 
pretty good at picking up not only the dependencies, but files like pinentry 
that are needed for convenient use.


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