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On Friday 29 September 2006 23:13, Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-29 at 13:56 -0700, David Boles wrote:
> > How many keyservers do you have Kmail scan? All kerservers claim to have
> > all keys. Most do not although they are supposed to share them. One of
> > the most reliable keyservers I have found is this one.
> I have never had occasion to use a key. If there enough benefit in
> having one that I should look into getting one? I think I may have had
> one way back when, but never used it for anything. Thanx for any
> replies, Ric
Ric, I started using a key when I started getting complaints from people that 
I was sending them spam.  I tried telling them about spoofing, and telling 
them how to read the headers to check that it originated from my address, but 
that was too complex for most of them.  Spammers don't have my key, so can't 
sign the message.


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