Re: block root access to NFS mount

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On Mon, 2006-09-11 at 14:28 -0400, Mark Haney wrote:
> Okay, here's a problem I'm running in to.  I have an NFS server that is 
> controlled via NIS for which hosts access the NFS mounts.  I need to 
> give root access to an NFS client host machine, but /not/ the NFS 
> mounts.  Is there any way at all to control this, other than making the 
> NFS mounts read only?
> (Yeah I know it's a strange question, but time is pressing and I don't 
> have enough of it to google.)  Any help would be appreciated.
It is such a strange question I am not sure I understand it. You have a
NFS server machine which I assume contains the user directories that are
used though NIS and NFS from the clients.

But what is NFS client host machine? How does it fit into the picture? 
Aaron Konstam <[email protected]>

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