Re: Spam on the Rise. Any new tips?

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Thom Paine wrote:
> I've been noticing that the config I had been using for aboutthe past
> year is slowly becoming less effective against spam.
> I'm currently using half a dozen or so bl's along with spam assassin.
> I'm sure other people are either keeping up, or finding ways to keep
> spam at bay.
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> I read about turning on a two minute wait time on your mail server and
> was wondering if that helps.
> I can post parts of my file if that would be helpful.
> Thanks.
do you use the sa-learn part of spamassassin to train it with newer
spam?  i just started doing that with tremendous results.

man sa-learn

each of my cyrus users has a mailbox "Junk" and "Non-Junk" and either
manually or automatically via their chosen MUA, spams are placed in
Junk. The Non-Junk is a manual thing that users will do on their own.
then at cron.daily, i have sa-learn do:

sa-learn --SPAM /var/spool/imap/*/user/*/Junk/*.
sa-learn --HAM /var/spool/imap/*/user/*/Non-Junk/*.

and it works like a charm.  within 2 days of learning spam/ham, I have a
drastic reduction of spam in users' inboxes.

wish i would have used this years ago.

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