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On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 10:36 -0700, Bjorgen T. Eatinger wrote:
> I am trying to create the 5 CDs necessary for a new Fedora Core 5
> installation, and can never get a good burn.  The media check always
> fails, during installation.
> Once thing I noticed is that the ISO images appear to be a bit larger
> than 650MB, which is the recordable size of the CDs I am using.  I
> will try 700MB CDs, but I wonder why the images would be distributed
> to be over 650MB, and if this is really the issue.
Yes, they are larger than 650mb and cannot be burnt to that size disk.
It is difficult if not impossible (at least here in the US) to find
650mb disks, so it is natural to use the readily available size for the

> I tried burning the CDs using 3 different burners on 3 different
> workstations, with the same results.  Is there a recommended media
> manufacturer?  I am burning at the slowest speed (16x) possible as
> well. 
> I have never had so much trouble burning CDs before!  In fact, this
> got so crazy, that I finally gave up and purchased a Fedora book on
> Core 2 which contained the CDs, and they worked perfect.  But I am now
> running 3 versions behind.  This has been an extremely frustrating
> experience, to say the least.
> This is so much trouble, that I wish there was a company that produced
> and sold a commercial Fedora release on CDs.
There is one that produces the disks for very little cost (or there was
when FC4 was released). Unfortunately I have forgotten where I found
that the last time, but a quick google search for "fedora core 5 cdrom
disks" turned up many hits, including this one
and this one

> Sincerely, Bjorgen T. Eatinger
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