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> named.conf should be in the jail's /etc (/var/named/chroot/etc/), not
> in the real /etc. The latter is a symlink into the jail. I suspect
> that a program running in a jail can't follow symlinks to outside of
> it.
> [[email protected] ~]# ll /etc/named.conf
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root named 32 Apr 23 07:15 /etc/named.conf -> /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf
> > I don't have to do anything to activate chroot-ing, it just works?
> You may want the following packages:
> bind-9.3.2-20.FC5
> bind-chroot-9.3.2-20.FC5 <====== n.b.!
> bind-config-9.3.2-20.FC5
> bind-libs-9.3.2-20.FC5
> bind-utils-9.3.2-20.FC5
> I highly recommend Liu & Albitz, DNS & Bind, 5th ed, O'Reilly, May,
> 2006. It is more than worth it in time and frustration saved. It also
> happens to cover bind 9.3.

Thanks Charles. I agree with you about the book and will order it. I
think I have the 3rd and 4th editions of DNS & Bind on my shelf plus the
DNS and Bind Cookbook.

Bob Cochran

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