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On 8/30/06, Bob Goodwin <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I'm about to add an 80G sata second drive to a Dell 2.8G XP computer
>> that I wish to boot to both Linux and Windows XP. I have the FC5 DVD
>> from which I intend to do the install.
>> What do I need to know before I start?  XP Home is already installed and
>> I have no way to reinstall it, no o/s CD's are provided.  There will
>> probably be choices for locating boot and grub, what is best to do
>> there?
>> Any suggestions, reference material, etc. appreciated.
> Do you have spare hard disk space not allocated to Windows XP?

I assume the present drive is entirely formatted as a Windows partition,
it's a factory install?

That's why I elected to use a second drive for Linux.  The existing
drive is 80G and 10G would be more than enough for XP which gets little
use ...

If you plan to add a second hard disk, then you only need to install
FC5 on the second hard disk. In principle, grub will detect your
Windows XP and you will be able to boot in both operating systems.


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