Re: Fedora 64-bit Graphics Problems on Install

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Quoting John Trager <[email protected]>:

> Hello All,
> Here is a rundown on my computer:
> AMD Athlon64 3800+ with 2GB RAM with ASUS AV8 Motherboard
> The first thing I tried to do was to download the Fedora 64-bit version onto
> a single DVD, which was no problem.
> I then tried to install it on my SATA hard drive with a 200GB Partition...
> when it probes my video card, the screen goes dark for a bit, and then after
> sometime, I get vertical lines on the screen, and some more garbage later
> on...  It appears that the video driver isn't working correctly.  It is
> selecting the NVIDIA 6600 driver...  Is there a way to tell the install
> program to use the VESA driver (generic) for the graphical install???

Yes, look at the text file /etc/X11/xorg.conf and scan down 60 lines or so to
the Device section. You need to change what is there now, probably "nv" to
"vesa". Since you have no gui you probably have to learn some elementary vi
commands to do this. Good luck.


ps this is not a comprehensive fix, just something that wqill get you a GUI so
you can proceed with a more satisfactory solution.
> I did try to install it using the Text version, and it went through fine, but
> there was NO GUI interface... I guess when one does this it uses the standard
> VESA driver (generic)?
> MY FIRST CHOICE is to get the 64-bit version working, but I have also tried
> the RAD HAT ENTERPRISE 32-bit version.  This for the most part works fine,
> but there are some issues which I think is related to the 64-bit install. 
> When I install the 32-bit version, it probes my computer and picks the VESA
> driver (generic), which then works fine.  Now, I have tried the NVIDIA 6600
> display driver in the list for graphics hardware... and when I do this it
> does the same thing as with the 64-bit install!  Something doesn't seem right
> with these drivers, or am I doing something wrong???  I used the
> file on the PNY Technologies website.  I typed
> "init 3" before install it.  I didn't change some of the other things that
> are mentioned by various people (Change Driver "nv" to Driver ?nvidia"...)
> because there was no file there yet called "XF86Config".  As a matter of
> fact, after I installed this driver, I still do not see this file!  However
> when I boot up the Linux System, I see the NVIDIA LOGO on my monitor... and
> there is also a NVIDIA X Server type area in one of the pull down windows
> (system settings?)...  Where would this driver appear?  Would it take the
> place of the NVIDIA 6600 driver under display hardware?  I'm new to Linux...
> Am I better installing the 32-bit Fedora version or the 64-bit version?  It
> sure would be nice to see a 64-bit version operating on this machine!
> Thanks for any help!
> John

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