Re: How to restart alsa?

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On 8/22/06, Mark Haney <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have searched for the alsasound script but I cannot find it. Any help?
What do you have in /etc/init.d?  It should be in there if you have alsa
Thanks, Mark, but it not there:

# dir /etc/init.d
acpid               gpm         named                     rpcgssd
anacron             haldaemon   nasd                      rpcidmapd
apmd                halt        netdump                   rpcsvcgssd
apt                 hidd        netfs                     saslauthd
atd                 hplip       netplugd                  sendmail
autofs              hsqldb      network                   single
avahi-daemon        httpd       NetworkManager            smartd
avahi-dnsconfd      iptables    NetworkManagerDispatcher  spamassassin
bluetooth           irda        nfs                       sshd
capi                irqbalance  nfslock                   syslog
cpuspeed            isdn        nscd                      vncserver
crond               killall     ntpd                      webmin
cups                kudzu       pand                      winbind
cups-config-daemon  lirc        portmap                   wpa_supplicant
dhcdbd              lisa        psacct                    xfs
diskdump            lm_sensors  rdisc                     ypbind
dund                mdmonitor   readahead                 yum
firstboot           mdmpd       readahead_early
functions           messagebus  restorecond


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