Re: FC5 INstallation Killing Computers

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Robert Gann wrote:
> The strange thing is that all of these computers were working
> properly. Three were running Windows XP Pro or Windows Server 2003.
> One was running FC4. They all died during the FC5 installation. My
> thoughts, in rough order are (1) some problem with the electrical
> poser in the room (although three on Windows installations on 32 bit
> machines done at about the same time have caused no problems), 
So that we can better help, please define "at the same time" for both
the Windows and FC5 installations.  Simultaneous, consecutive, same day, ???

> If I had to guess it is going to turn out that the power in our lab
> has problems and that Linux is less tolerant of that than Windows.
What would be the technical mechanism by which an operating system could
make a computer less tolerant of power? 

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