Re: web conference/dekstop sharing for linux behind firewall

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On 8/18/06, Marius Andreiana <[email protected]> wrote:
On 8/18/06, Tod Merley <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have only some thoughts:
Hi Tod,

> 1. Change the VNC port to one not blocked.
> 2. Do VNC via SSH and see that the SSH port(s) used are not blocked.
> 3. Proxy / NAT?
The PC on the internal network has no port fwd at all setup to it and
there is no admin access to the firewall, so no ports can be
fordwarded. Can VNC work without this? (the other computer, which runs
the viewer, is on a routable ip if it helps, with root access).

Otherwise, web apps could be used, but I haven't found any free ones
which support Linux.

Thanks anyway ;)
Marius Andreiana

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Hi Marius Andreiana!

Biggest question here is "what ports are open for use".  Most
firewalls block "the usual suspects" but must leave some open, and
often a large block of high ports open to do business.

Port scanners are something to use with extreme caution.  Study and
then carefully use one (nessus?).  Or, you could just try some "up
high" and see how things go.

SSH might still be a good idea for security.

Let us know?


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