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Mike McCarty wrote:

Ric, you and I might agree with that. But I understand there are a
fair number of men for whom cilantro is intolerably bitter. For them
the recipe without cilantro would be a good thing. Maybe Patrick is
Might be from chopping up the stems. The stems, if chopped pretty
finely, do release a bitter taste. Strip the leaves and barely chop
them, and you won't get that. The seeds also can be somewhat bitter.
My wife is proud to be a 'supertaster'

These mutants ;-) have extra taste receptors and can detect more molecules than the old deprecated style of human like us. For example brussel sprouts that are fine to me are intolerably bitter to her.
Indeed. The Indians (Hindu style) call it coriander.

Gotta have lotsa cominos, too (cumin).
MMM in the UK Indian food is pretty much the national dish. It's
definitely breakfast time. (Then I better get back on topic.)

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