Re: adding packages from original install location

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Patrick Doyle wrote:
Here are some notes I wrote down when I wanted to install some SW from
my DVD.  Probably the simplest thing would be to go read which is what inspired this
particular note.

Hope this helps...


6) Found, which describes how to
   force pirut to use the installation CDs instead of network
   repositories.  Based on that, I commented out the following line
   from /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-core.repo:


   and replaced it with:

## Changed by wpd 07/17/06 to load from the DVD instead of the network

   But pirut still seemed to look for the network.  Some more
   tweaking is in order.

There's also this article that I wrote, which covers FC3 and FC4 as well as FC5, and also the use of CD ISO images if you have those instead of the DVD ISO:


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