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On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 12:45 +0100, Paul Howarth wrote:

> Another issue with having a list especially for newbies is that the list 
> is going to be populated almost entirely by newbies (obviously). Which 
> raises the issue: who will be answering the questions?

That's not as much of a problem as you think it might be.  This approach
has already been tried by the Mandrake (aka Mandriva now) team and it
worked just fine.  What happened was that there were two lists (not
including the development lists), expert and newbie.  Alot of the
newbies helped each other with questions that had already been solved,
plus there was much use of the archives, and in addition to that of
course alot of the experts either stayed on newbie or crossposted to
both newbie and expert.  It works.

> I'm firmly of the opinion that having a "comprehensive" list is actually 
> better for newbies as they're likely to get better quality answers, and 
> will learn other things by reading the list in general, even if they 
> don't understand most of it at first.
> Paul.

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