Re: how to update panda virus defination and how i setup panda so it run in a days twice automatically

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On 7/11/06, Steven W. Orr <steveo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Yogi. This would be an excellent time for you to take a step back and
read this essay.

According to my opinion Fedora Core should have a list for newbies and an other list for the folk sending questions here. I am very keen on Linux (it's one of my recent hobbies), but while scanning through the letters only some 5% are on the level I can understand while reading through. So please, is there somewhere a post list for Fedora Newbies as for ex. Mandriva has?

As an answer to Yogesh, I have downloaded Panda Antivirus for Linux. I succeeded in installing it after some trouble. Now I can start it in the terminal (command line) as root (write "su" and then the password first) by writing "pavcl / -aut" or "-heu" and it seems to do the scanning. In my case it seemed to find nothing bad :)

But how to update the virus definitions? I looked at
but did not find anything about updating the definitions. Previously there was only a beta version of the program and now it's a new program, so let's hope new virus definitions appear, when new viruses enter to the Linux-world, that happens much slower than in Windows. Later let's took an other look at  Or what?

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