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On Sun, Aug 06, 2006 at 01:30:07PM -0400, Claude Jones wrote:

> My old FC4 box, for various reasons, was put through a couple of
> experiments and is currently a MEPIS box. However, I kept my old
> /home directory, actually an entire dedicated 300GB drive intact;
> currently, it is not mounted on the MEPIS machine. I would like to
> apply FCt2 to this machine and dump MEPIS, but it would be nice if I

I take it you mean FC6t2. If this is a production machine, I recommend
against installing one of the test series. Instead install FC5 and
update. In theory it will be much more stable than one of the test

> could bring up the old /home volume as /home in my new Fedora
> installation (/home is an LVM created under FC4); are there any
> downsides?

Been there, done that, except for the LVM, which in theory will not
affect what you are doing.

One possible downside is that your configuration files (dot files) in
your home directory are outdated and will cause newer versions of the
apps some confusion.

For example, there have been changes to Gnome. You may wish to move
aside (by renaming) the gnome directories. Boot to a live CD
(e.g. finnix) and move them aside like so:

mount ...
cd .../cj
mv .gnome .gnome.old
mv .gnome2 .gnome2.old

Renaming preserves old information for reuse. For example, gnucash
stores some information in one of those two.

I did nothing about .gnome2_private or .gnome_private; they are empty
on my box.

> If I decide to do this, what is the method? When I install Fedora,
> there's an early point where I can go into the advanced partitioning
> screens and select my home volume and instruct it not to be
> formatted (if I'm recalling this correctly);

Exactly so.

> then it gets to the post install fresh boot-up screens and it asks
> me to create a user etc... What should I do at this point? Any
> advice/suggestions/experiences appreciated. Do I select my old user
> name "cj" and just reinstall that, or can I expect that /home/cj
> will be alive and well when the machine comes fully up? I've read
> many posts about this but the exact procedure eludes me.

The user information is stored in /etc, which must be on your root
partition. So you will be creating that anew.

While you have the live CD running, get the user id (uid) and group id
(gid) of your user 'cj'.

If firstboot will let you, create the new user 'cj' and give it its
own group. If necessary specify the uid and gid. Normally the first
user is created with a uid and gid of 500. Otherwise,
system-config-users will do what you need.

> I'm asking this here because it's a much larger subscriber base, and
> it's really not a question specific to FC6t2.


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