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Grant Ozolins wrote:
> Hi All,
> I updated my FC5 client and server this morning to samba 3.0.23a-1
> (common, client, and server) - and now when I try to read file from
> mounted CIFS shares my client gets:
> CIFS VFS: Send error in read = -13
> Configurations are fairly straighforward, and unchanged before and after
> upgrade:
> server (from smb.conf)
> [shared]
>   comment = Web Development
>   path = /var/www/shared
>   browseable = yes
>   writable = yes
>   create mask = 0664
>   force group = users
> client (from fstab)
> //server/shared            /mnt/shared      cifs  
> credentials=/etc/fscred,,gid=1000,debug=4 0 0
> If anyone could shine any light on why I can't read anything now I'd be
> very grateful!
> Reagards,

My apologies if this has been answered already...

I noticed similar behaviour back when the OpenBSD Samba port was
bumped to version 3.x.  Windows machines were able to access Samba
shares as always, but Linux workstations were not (it was a
permisisons issue, some files could be read, many could not, but
nothing was behaving as it should).  While I am still ignorant of
the exact reasons *why* this bahaviour showed up, the solution in my
case was to set "unix extensions = no" in smb.conf on the server.  I
realize this reduces some of the functionality which CIFS is
supposed to offer, it was more important to get file sharing working

Anyway, try "unix extensions = no" in smb.conf (server) and see if
this makes any difference.

I realize the change took place on your client and not the server,
but this still might work.

Good luck,


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