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Matthew Miller wrote:
On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 06:52:18AM -0700, bruce wrote:

is there a 'best' process for doing an upgrade of a system from FC3 to FC4
without killing the system!!

Skip FC4. It was a decent enough release, but at this point, it's actually
impossible to do an FC4 install and bring it up to the latest security
patches without jumping through many hoops -- and the result still being a
almost two releases behind.

You should be able to boot with an FC5 (or, momentarily, FC6t2) install CD
and pick "upgrade" and have everything go just fine.

Personally, I usually find it faster to configure my systems with a separate
/home partition, and (after backing up any critical config files from /etc,
which I try to minimize) then you can choose to do a new install but
/partition with Disk Druid "manually", leaving the former /home partition
unformatted but reformatting and overwriting the rest.

I agree, skip FC4 unless there is something that is not available for FC5 that you just need.
Also, it is advisable to do a clean install on a separate partition
allowing you to dual boot between the old FC3 and the FC4 versions.
Robin Laing

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