Re: ATI 9700Pro Troubles[Scanned]

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On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 14:03 +0100, Chris Bradford wrote:
> I'm having issues installing the kmod-fglrx driver from livna.

I don't have any ideas, but I did recently try to install the livna ATI
drivers, and they didn't make any mods to my xorg.conf file to
set the driver to fglrx. In olden times, when I installed the
livna driver, my xorg.conf file would be automagically updated.

I tried to manually fix things up, but just got a lot of errors
about the radeon module already being installed so I couldn't
install the fglrx module, so I gave up and uninstalled fglrx.

I figure I'll try again after next round of updates appears.

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