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On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 17:57 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> All I want is for an audio CD to be automatically playable.  I like
> xmms for this.  What exactly is it that recognises an audio CD for
> playing?  I have set the kde file association for .wav to xmms.

Audio CDs are not comprised of wave files, nor of any "files".  So
anything that pretends to play a CD by suggesting its letting you select
wave files isn't really doing that.

In my XMMS configuration preferences I have a CD audio player plugin,
and its configuration has settings for which drive it applies to.  It
has me configure a device and the usual mount point.  In that mount
point appear pseudo files in the XMMS play file dialogue.  Just like
Windows does (a listing of tracks like "Track 01.cda").  Add them to
your playlist.

It also has options for analogue playback (via an audio cable between
your drive and sound card) or digital playback (via the data lead
between your drive and the IDE/SCSI/etc bus).

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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