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>>  Michael Yep wrote:
>>  >Sorry I do not know what top posting is. I run Thunderbird, and
>>  >this is the default setup with a signature.
>>  >I this the incorrect format ?
>>  Assuming Thunderbird under Linux (don't know about the Windows version), 
>>  click Edit->Account Settings.  Under the relevant account, click 
>>  Composition & Addressing.  Uncheck "Compose messages in HTML format", 
>>  and check "Automatically quote the original message when replying" and 
>>  select "Then, start my reply below the quote".  That should fix you up.

But doesn't that encourage putting the whole reply below the whole
quoted message, which is not much of an improvement on top-posting?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the intended purpose of
putting the cursor above the quoted text was so that the replier
could go through the whole quoted message, trimming out irrelevant
parts and inserting reply text after what's being replied to, just
the way the old-timers think it should be done.  (No insult implied
here -- I'm one of those old-timers myself.)  People unfamiliar
with this style assumed that "cursor before quoted text" implied
"reply text before quoted text", hence the rise of top-posting.

Or do you not get properly marked quoted text (with >> at the side,
or something similar) if you choose the "cursor above quoted text"

Just a though.

-- blm

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