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On Tue, 2006-07-18 at 14:41 +0100, Paul Howarth wrote:
> Neither yum nor rpm know which packages you want to get from which repo 
> unless you explictly tell them. The big list of packages you get are 
> packages (or their dependencies) that you already have on your system 
> (from some repo other than ATrpms) that have "later" versions in ATrpms. 
> Since you told yum that you wanted to update all of the packages on your 
> system to the latest versions, and to get packages from ATrpms, it tried 
> to do what it was told and you got the big list.

	Yes, and agreed and understood.  But also one that lead smack into a
critical dependency failure that killed the update cold.  A dependency
failure that only occurs when ATrpms is included.

> If you don't want that to happen, you could use an "includepkgs" entry 
> in your ATrpms repo file to list only those packages you want to pull 
> from ATrpms.

	Does that allow for "wildcarding".  IOW, can I do an includepkgs for
zaptel-kmdl-*_FC5xen0-* ?  If not, that's not going to work for
the kmdl packages because that versioning is included in the package
names (which doesn't work for updates anyways, which we've already

	Definitely sounds like I do need to use the includepkgs option.  I
hadn't thought of that one before.  That will definitely help cut down
on the random acts of terrorism, even if it doesn't solve the kernel
modules problems.

	That's the second chunk of good advice, along with Axel's script, I've
gotten out of this thread.  Excellent.  Many thanks.

> Paul.

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