Re: How to boot grub in /dev/sda2 from removeable disk?

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At 11:34 AM -0400 7/17/06, Greg Smith wrote:
>Work gave me an IBM Thinkpad T43 with Windows XP installed.
>I am attempting to install FC5.  For various reasons (including it not
>being so obvious that I have linux installed) I do *not* want to install
>grub in the MBR.
>The partitions are /dev/sda1 (XP) and /dev/sda2 (FC5).  I know how to
>install grub on /dev/sda2 (by checking `configure advanced boot loader
>options').  The doc says ` Your computer must have GRUB or another boot
>loader installed in order to start, unless you create a separate startup
>disk to boot from**'.
>How do I create a separate startup disk (CD)?

I don't think you need a separate startup disk.  You can run grub installed
on /dev/sda2 from the MSWindows boot.ini file.  Copy the bootsector from
/dev/sda2 to a file with dd (dd if=/dev/sda2 of=linux.bin bs=512 count=1),
put that file onto your MSWindows partition (probably via a floppy or some
such, don't try writing to NTFS from Linux), and add a line to C:\boot.ini
(C:\linux.bin="FC5 Linux").

You could also, I think, copy /dev/sda2's bootsector to a floppy's
bootsector, and boot from the floppy, or copy /dev/sda2's bootsector to a
file on a bootable CD and try running it from there (CD boot is a different
beast), or use the bootable CD image on the first install CD and tell it
where to boot linux from.
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