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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I am sorry I was being obscure. My point is that the installation of
> python involves the installation of several rpms. So to say python
> is installed does not mean all of python is installed.

But python-base would surely appear to be the base install of python,
wouldn't it?  I don't know what distro that package was coming from,
but I would guess that it's what corresponds to the python package on
Fedora, which is installed by default AFAIK.

> That is what happened on one of my FC4 machines. All of my yum
> upgrading did not install python-tools to add to the other 10 or so
> python related rpms I had installed. I had to specifically yum
> install python-tools and some other rpms that came along with it.

I'm not sure I understand the problem.  Did you have idle installed
via rpm and an upgrade removed it?  If it wasn't installed previously,
there's no reason to expect an upgrade to install it.  I would
consider it a bug if it did (unless somehow idle became required to
run one of the other python packages that was being upgraded).

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