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>> I consider it more practical that font sizing choices render fonts at
>> the size you specify (not some interpretation). 

Les Mikesell:
> How should that work when you regularly log in via XDM from
> screens of different resolutions and your choice would be
> different for each?

Good example of where bad computer systems design practice makes things

If I could specify 12 point text, I'd get 12 point text (i.e. the same
physical size) on each monitor.  That's what I'd expect to get if I were
allowed to specify it in points (or any other absolute physical sizing
scheme, such as centimetres).  Rarely does it work that way.

Of course, 12 point text mightn't be practical on all screen sizes, a
small screen mightn't have the room for all the text, and it might have
higher resolution than a big screen (i.e. it *could* be able to show
tinier text than my main monitor).  While the latter is probably not the
case, most of the time, it'd depend on what your different devices were.

Specifying text sizing in pixels has other problems.  The fonts will
change size for different resolutions / screen dimensions on the same
screen, if the font sizing is genuinely letting you set it pixels.  You
need some magical scaling feature for that to work.  If their idea of
setting a font in pixels involves some interpreted idea about what
"pixels" refers to, you're going to get unpredictable results.
Everything that I've seen that sets fonts in pixels make a right mess of
working predictably across different display devices.

What's required are individual preferences for different displays.  You
can't really avoid it.  If I know what font sizes are going to do, I can
select things at my own choice.  If my choices keep getting
re-interpreted by different programmers ideas about what they really
mean, which is the current situation that I see, I can't make any
predictable choice.

> The same question applies to application window sizes.  It is often
> hard to access the borders of windows that open at a large
> 'remembered' size when the next login is from a screen with less
> resolution.

Yes, a related problem.  Specify it in pixels, and it changes from
screen to screen.  Specify it in real dimensions, and it mightn't be the
right size for the content.  Specify it in proportions, and, again the
window may not be big enough, or be too big, for the contents from
screen to screen.  Though, if font sizing worked sensibly between
screens, that would be less of a problem.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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