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bruce wrote:
> i'm dealing with a situation where wget/lucene/etc.. are giveing me an
> issue... i've looked at using perl/python, and can't seem to solve my
> problem...

I can't give you any perl or python to do this without knowing much
about the specifics, but I'd be highly surprised if you couldn't get
nicely working code from both of them (probably in several different
ways, knowing a little of both perl and python).

> i have a website that returns with a framset. in the framset is a
> "src" attribute. the "src" somehow is interpreted by both
> IE/Firefox, and is used to display the actual content of the
> page....
> i realized if i extract the "src" http:.... and place it in the
> browser, i get the content for the page, and i can see the content
> when i view the "page source"
> when i tried to replicate this using perl/python/cookies/etc.. i can
> never get it to work...
> if i could feed urls to Firefox, and get the resulting webpage/html
> output, then i would probably be ok...

I suppose you could google around and see if anyone's written an
extension to make firefox behave like a download agent, but I think in
the end you'll be far better off if you work through the problems
you're having in perl or python.  They're far more likely to provide
flexible solutions than trying to make firefox fit your needs, IMHO.

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