Re: Lock homepage in firefox for normal users?[Scanned]

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I took a guess that the mozilla.cfg file would go the same place that
all.js went.  So I did a locate for that file and confirmed with the
path above (as well as similar paths for other mozilla installs).
Well, I lie, all.js is in the greprefs subdir of the path above.

I created a mozilla.txt as outlined on the site you mentioned and then
used the tool found here[1] to byteshift it and create mozilla.cfg.

And I added the following line to all.js:

pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");

When I started firefox as a new user I got an error about the
configuration, which was due to the wrong path to mozilla.cfg.  I had
to move it out of greprefs and up a level.  After that, firefox
started properly and used the URL I specified as the home page.

Then I went to Edit->Preferences and the home page text box was grayed
out and unable to be modified.  So the process seemed to work as


- --
Thanks Todd.  I had started to run a find but cancelled it as I was in
a rush when I tested this so went with the folder identified by
which firefox



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