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Dotan Cohen wrote:
> There does not seem to be any official mailing list for VMWare, so
> excuse me if these questions are too OT for the Fedora list.

Yes, they are OT...but what the heck.

Shall I assume you are running VMWare Workstation 5.5.1 or what?  VMWare
is the name of the company.  Probably a good idea if you name the product.

Windows is your guest OS, right?

> 1) How do I connect the Windows installation in VMWare to the internet?

Depends on your network situation.  Probably you will find defining your
ethernet connection as being type "NAT" is best and use the default
setting under Windows.

> 2) How do I connect USB devices to Windows?

That becomes a bit tricky at times.  I don't do it that much.  The issue
is that the host OS tends to grab the USB device and then you have to
rmmod to release it.  That doesn't always work.

> 3) How do I read from CD in Windows?

Disable automounting of CD's on the host and you will simply be able to
connect your CD drive to the guest OS.

I've no idea of what you've found about python scripts.  Been  using
VMWare workstation for 4 years and never saw anything of the sort.

But, the VMWare forums are the best place to talk about VMWware specific


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