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Eugene Poole wrote:
First, let me give thanks to all who gave me answers on my xcdroast issue.

This time I don't have a problem, more of a situation.

I currently run FC4 with 2-disk drives, a 80-gig and a 15-gig. I caught a great deal on a 300-gig drive and I want to swap out the 15-gig for the 300-gig. What's on the 15-gig scares me a little:
   /dev/hdc1      4031 1m blks      /u03 - user data and database files
   /dev/hdc2      4031 1m blks      /u02 - user data and database files
   /dev/hdc3      2023 1m blks      swap
   /dev/hdc5      2023 1m blks      /u04 - user data and database files
   /dev/hdc6        478 1m blks      /opt
   /dev/hdc7      1490 1m blks      /var
/dev/hdc4 standard extended partition boundary that covers hdc5, hdc6, and hdc7

Is there a way to do this without having to reinstall FC4? Where can I find the documentation? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Sure. First, install the disk as /dev/hdd, the secondary (slave) drive on the 2nd cable, s/b the middle plug. Do this while powered down, and reboot.

Then run 'fdisk /dev/hdd', and assign, but do not label, a set of partitions to match the above but with sufficiently different names that you can readily identify which partition (/dev/hdd7) is var2, and establish those in the /etc/fstab file using these names. Size them roughly in proportion to the /dev/hdc versions but scaled up (except for the swap and /var2, which need be no bigger than a gig for swap, and maybe 2 gigs for the second var2), using the space basicly to expand the user partitions. Exit fdisk with a w, and rerun it to verify the table, then quit it again. Then do the mke2fs on those partitions where its suitable, and a mkswap on the new /swap.

Now make new /mnt/hdd/$newnames entries to match the ones you added in /etc/fstab. Mount each of them to /dev/hdd/$newname, and concoct an rsync command line to copy each of the existing /dev/hdc partitions to the new ones on /mnt/hdd/$newname. I think, but don't take it as gospel, that rsync -avc /src/path /dest/path is a good starting point. This will take a while, and the users should be off-duty/locked out by some means while this is taking place.

Now, before the data changes in /var by more activity, edit /etc/fstab to remove the extra hdd entries with a comment, power down, remove hdc, and change hdd to be the master drive and on the end of the cable, effectively it will become /dev/hdc. When you power back up, it should just be there.


Cheers, Gene

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