Re: Help needed installing FC5 on Asus P5LD2-VM + SATA II hdd

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Phineas Fung writes:

Hi all,

I've just bought:

Intel 930
Asus P5LD2-VM
Maxtor SATA-II 80GB

When I tried to install FC5 x86_64 version, it runs ok till it started to do real file copying (i.e. disk partition, package selections are all ok). Immediately after doing file copying, it complained about "input/output error when writing to /dev/sda", then it threw an exception, and machine frozen.

In BIOS, there is no choice but to use SATA as IDE (3rd channel, primary), and at POST, I can see the hard-drive mapped as 3rd IDE primary.

P.S. the whole machine was tested ok at computer shop running Windows XP

Already searched Asus web site and FC5 web site, seems no one having similar problem as mine.

Any hints or suggestions or pointers will be highly appreciated.

Try installing FC4 on this hardware.

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