Re: Checking internet connection without a winbox

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From: "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen@xxxxxxxxx>

On 03/07/06, jdow <jdow@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That seems to indicate a normal enough delay. The site may be relatively
overloaded. There is also a possibility that the actual machine at that
address might simply be a fowarding address to a Google site in the
US. That's about a 6700 mile (10800 km) sort of delay time difference.

So far that shows no packet loss. I'd run the pings for a longer time,
say 100 pings or so, and look at the summary. If there are zero dropped
packets then Google should seem normally responsive to you.

Thanks, Joanne. The whole issue started because I feel that the web is
awfully slow on this machine. Clicking a link can take about half a
minute until a webpage displays. However, online speed tests show that
my connection is what it should be.

It's not only google- it's the whole web, including local sites.

If your downlink is in the 700 kbps range (bits not bytes) it can take
a second or to for downloading all the cruft on sites like BBC, CNN,
and FoxNews for three I visit fairly often. (FoxNews is especially
crufty and annoying.) Nice plain text only sites should go somewhat
quicker. Some of the speed issue here is the 128k up link. So if
yours is faster it should do a little better. But generally not much.


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