Re: Java Problems

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Hi Jeanette,

A few things for you to try:

1. Can you type in "which java" and hit <Enter> and
show us the output?


2. I'm not sure if you are using the right plug-in or
if it is going to
the right place (I have not used Sun's Java on Linux
before). You seem
to be using the Netscape 7 plugin (note:
Although, IIRC, Netscape 7 is somewhat compatible to
Mozilla and
Firefox, but can you see if there is a mozilla or
firefox directory?
Further, there are 2 types of plug-ins for IBM's Java,
one compiled 
GTK2 and another for netscape. Can you see if there is
a "gtk2" version
for Sun's Java? 

There is only the jre which is rpm or extractable
install.  Don't see a gtk one.  Also there is a java
devl pkg which I installed per Fedora core 5 unoffical

3. Open a browser window and type this in the address
"about:plugins" and hit <Enter> and see if you can see
the Java plug-in

I see everything but the Java Plugin

 It's one more step to check if the browser has indeed
recognized and registered the plug-in, which means
that the problem
could be with the applet itself.

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